About Joesoef Exim

Joesoef Exim was founded in December 2011. This family run company has the core business in the area of Export Import, commodity trading, and brokering. Our young and dedicated staff has made it clear that by following our Motto of BLEND and working attitude of Innovation, Efficiency, and Excellence we strive to be the best in our line of work.

Joesoef Exim is based in Jakarta, Indonesia with Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Indonesia as our operational countries. We chose this geographical location because it represents strategic position for Export Import operation.

We provide services for Commodity buyer and producer through:

- Finding the best possible business partners in their respective line of business

- We upheld the element of Quality, Legality and Safety for both Producer and Buyer

- If you are a producer of a commodity, we will find you a reputable buyer

- If you are a buyer of commodity, we will find you the best price for the goods to meet your business expectations

- With our uncompromising networking ability we are able to Import all commodities and export everything according to your demand

Board of Directors: Mr. Norman Joesoef, Mr. Mikhail Saputra, Mr. Martin Sirotka

Line of business: Export Import Services, Brokering, and Commodity Trading

Number of employee: 10

Our Bussiness

We are focusing EXIM operation with commodities originated from Indonesia, and Middle East to the European Union and vice versa. As of 2012, we provide services for traders and brokering on variety of commodities, listed as follows;

Resource Commodities:

- Teak Wood

- Wheat

- Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

- Coal

- KCL fertilizer

- Nickel (2nd quarter of 2012)

Commercial Commodities:

- Second-hand Automobiles

- Champagne

- Sparkling Wine

- Flavored Rolling Papers

Started in September 1, 2011 PT Joesoef Exim focuses its business on import and distribution of smoking papers and smoking apparels.

The company will involve import export of goods from the European Union to Indonesia.

The business is commencing in Indonesia, based on Jakarta on the distributions of paper products to convenient market “mini-market”.

The selling markets will targeting young adults from minimum legal smoking age to early 30’s, depending on their respective needs towards smoking apparel. We will provide smoking solution from the most competitive price and quality compared to our competitors. Our company will seek its biggest market share from both Indonesia’s social sphere; middle class and premium class.

Company Vision

Our company vision is to develop our company from an import - distributor to a fully pledge smoking paper brand through competition and smart innovation. We shall be seen as a local Indonesian brand with quality and taste of the international market.

Company Mission

To achieve our company vision, the mission is to provide an alternative solution of smoking delights through flavored papers and flavored cigar blunts with reasonable pricing in a steady developing market of Indonesia.

May you have any inquiries of Export and Import operation from your respective country, please do not hesitate to contact us,

we will be glad to handle your needs, door to door.

Export Import have never been so easy! Innovation, Efficiency, Excellence That’s the JE way!

Contact for Business inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *

*Please allow 24 Hours for our responsive team to reply on your inquiries

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