Letter of Appeal
From Founder of Joesoef Exim

CEO of PT. Joesoef Export Import CEO of PT. Joesoef Export Import

Dear Partners and Prospective Customers,

Joesoef Exim was founded on October 2011. Based on Jakarta, Indonesia. We operate Export – Import trades to many parts of the world including (South East Asia, Europe, and North Africa). Our Hub is situated in Bratislava, Slovakia. A perfect geographic location in central Europe in opening our market possibilities.

With our motto of BLEND:

Big research; extensive amount of researches we conducted before going to new business field, giving us detailed analytical superiority above our middle-sized business competitors.

Lobby; We upheld our ability in networking and channeling for the benefits of our company, made us possible in supplying the demands of the growing international market

Efficiency; With our innovative and young staff, we focus our business conduct with efficiency and ergonomics to maximize the profitability of our clients.

Never say No: Our policy is to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, therefore we promise not to say No in all business opportunities

Dedication: Underneath the supervision of RPX Group Indonesia (Licensee Holder of FedEx Indonesia, over 25 years of experience), we positioned ourself on the rule of PSP (People, Service, Profit) therefore achieving maximal dedication for our customers

We provide nothing but excellence and professionalism on handling our customers interest of Export-Import on variety of ranges from food products, automotive, and natural resources. In the year of 2012, Our projects will also expand in the area of minerals, energetics, infrastructure, and aviation goods.

It is in my intention to guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Feel free to contact me in regards of any acknowledgements, complaints, and business propositions.

Many Thanks for the support and trust,

with Kind regards,

Norman Joesoef Founder of Joesoef Exim s.r.o and PT. Joesoef Exim